Mind Focused Running “Sand is Grand” T-Shirt Orders

If you would like to order a Mind Focused Running “Limited Edition Sand is Grand” T-Shirt, please complete this form and then transfer the funds to Rob’s account. Note the shirts are made by O.C. clothing. Female shirts have a v neck. The cost is $30 per shirt (short sleeve) $40 per shirt (long sleeve).

The form below allows you to order up to three shirts of each type and size. If you just want one shirt, just select the size from the ‘First Shirt” selection, leave the others as they are. If you wish a second shirt, select the “Second Shirt” size option also.

Shirts order Sand is Grand
Shirt Type

Women's Short Sleeve First Shirt
Women's Short Sleeve Second Shirt
Women's Short Sleeve Third Shirt
Women's Long Sleeve First Shirt
Women's Long Sleeve Second Shirt
Women's Long Sleeve Third Shirt
Men's Short Sleeve First Shirt
Men's Short Sleeve Second Shirt
Men's Short Sleeve Third Shirt
Men's Long Sleeve First Shirt
Men's Long Sleeve Second Shirt
Men's Long Sleeve Third Shirt

Please transfer the total amount to the bank account BSB 066130 Acc 00600861 (Account name: Rob Donkersloot)