Training your mind as well as your body. Works on developing mental strength for ultra running through meditation, mindfulness and self awareness.

Weekly live mental strategy sessions

Training plan through Final Surge

Teaching you to meditate during running

Specialising in ultra running

Training runners who wish to develop the mental and physical ability to run any ultra distance, from 50km to 500km and beyond.

“A great initiative Rob Donkersloot! All ultra runners should get on this-
the most important part.”

Martin Fryer:  Australian National Team Coach, Ultra Running Legend

 About Mind Focused Running

I have been running ultra marathons for over a decade, a twelve year journey of discovery and learning. Along the way I have discovered so many things, things I love to share with runners who are on a similar path; so that those runners can shortcut some of the important lessons that in my mind are essential for success in this sport. You can choose to learn from your own experiences and mistakes, or reach out and learn from those who have traveled the same path before; both in running and in life.

Achieving goals in ultra running is in my mind 80% the result of mental preparation, that’s why my coaching focuses significantly on training your mind, a process I call  the “Mind Focused Running Program”



Have run numerous 100km and 100 mile events, and in the last six or seven years started to specialise in events that go beyond the 100 miles. Over that time I have finished the 240km Coast to Kosciuszko race twice, have run 500km across Tennessee, and over 300km solo across Sumbawa in Indonesia.

Assisting others

Crew chief and pacer to Mick Thwaites at Badwater for two podium finishes, a first place at Coast to Kosci as well as at the 6 Days in the Dome event in Milwaukee. Manager of the Australian 24 Hour teams at World and Asian Championships. Developer and facilitator of the “Mental Strategies for Ultra Running” course. Coach to ultra athletes.

Formal training

* The Unified CORE Training Program * Foundations of Unified Mindfulness * Mindsize Mindset Training Program * Unified Mindfulness Pathways Program, Level 2 Unified Mindfulness Coach * Athletics Australia Community Coaching General Principles, Level 1 Community Athletics Coaching course attendance

"As one of the first graduates of Rob's coaching, I can honestly say it has transformed not only how I approach my running, but also life in general. He's patient, an absolute wealth of knowledge and amazing to work with (and for!).



"I now have techniques to apply when it gets tough, be that a big hill, or a challenging client. I have a strong sense of a positive future, of being in control and that I will again achieve success. I utterly believe Rob's teaching is making the difference."



"Rob is fabulous to work with. His methods are a refreshing approach to life and ultra running."


"If you want to run joyfully and mindfully he is the coach for you. I have learnt so much from not just Rob but the rest of the MFR crew and am so glad to be a part of it. Legit life changing!"


My Approach

I will be straight up, if you are the type of runner who just wants to improve fitness and physical technique to improve running performance, I am not your coach. There are hundreds of other coaches out there who can help you with this.

However if you are after help with solid appropriate preparation, and most importantly real assistance with winning the significant mental battles that come with ultra running,  perhaps we should talk.

I am not looking for a huge stable of runners, rather a small group of individuals who are ready to explore what is possible when as much effort is put into preparing the mind as in preparing the body.

Rob Donkersloot

The Mind Focused Running Program


  • Introduction to meditation and mindfulness
  • Expanding your meditation practice
  • Meditating while running
  • Running with a joyous mindset
  • Mindful goal setting
  • Avoiding the negative death spiral
  • Creating a positive supportive mindset in your crew


  • Regular mental strategy sessions live on Zoom
  • Training program on Final Surge, including a meditation schedule
  • Fortnightly one on one catch ups and feedback session.
  • Login acccess to member only resources and session notes

Mind Training Sessions Only?

Whilst I used to offer this, I don’t really do mind training sessions by themselves any more, rather I just offer a full coaching service as outlined above. I found while offering this as an option I was attracting numbers of athletes looking for a “quick fix.” and sometimes my philosophies clashed with the athlete’s other coach. That given I am happy to have a chat if you feel that potentially there is benefit to both of us if we were to work together.

Listen To This Podcast for a Deeper Understanding

Mind Focussed Running - Full Program

♦ Regular mental strategy sessions live on Zoom

♦  Training program on Final Surge, including a meditation schedule

♦  Fortnightly one on one catch ups and feedback session.

♦  Login acccess to member only resources and session notes

♦ $173 monthly equates to $40 Per Week

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